Flat tires and my wheels

Have you ever been tasked with performing in front of a large audience? Well, I’ve been a performer for my entire life, and as an adult I am a PR agent. You would think that with all this practice over the course of a lifetime, one would start to relax and feel at home in front of a crowd, but this is not the case for me. Every single time I get up there in front of my audience, I am mortified. Even worse is the hours leading up to the event, during which I am a total nervous wreck. That’s why my wife has taken to lying in order to calm my nerves. Just last weekend, we were headed to a large black tie event where I was slated to speak. As we walked into the venue, I realized it was immediately hot and sticky. At first I thought it was just my heavy layers of tuxedo, but soon I began to suspect that the HVAC system was not set to ideal conditions. I started to get warm inside, as if my organs were crawling around inside my body. Over time, this sensation continued to grow and I desperately began looking for avenues to cool off, even a few degrees. Even through all of this, somehow my wife was maintaining a front of complete indoor comfort. Every time I inquired about the temperature settings, she stonewalled me with her opinion of the heating and cooling. She insisted it was perfectly cool and comfortable, and it might just be my nerves acting up before the big speech. Well, I don’t know how I didn’t catch on sooner, but I found out later that she was full of hot air. In fact, on our way out of the venue, we saw a fleet of HVAC technician trucks parked outside.

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