FMVSS regulations

My brother, David, recently sold his company and is retired. He has just turned 30 and is retired. He has plenty of money to throw around on fun toys. Right now, he is putting in a new inground pool for his backyard. He suntans all day long, and watches the crew dig his pool! My brother David also is in the process of purchasing either a Nissan Skyline, R32, Skyline GTS-t, Nissan Silvia S13, or Honda NSX as his new car. He already has a fancy, sports car in his garage. He wants a second car, and has chosen a Japanese based model because they are supposed to run better and longer. The issue is that he can’t get past, is that he’s unable to click on the car with his PC. My brother, David is consulting with a JDM importer. He has to figure out how to import a Japanese car. How big of a pain is that? He has such a tremendous amount of money that he is buying another car, and not evenly a sensible one. The car will need to be shipped to the United States for him to test drive and see if he even likes it. Amazing what his money can buy him. I told David that the car will probably be around 80 years old, rusted and bright yellow. Apparently the JDM importers in the USA check the quality of the vehicle. The car is guaranteed the color you order, and falls under the 25 year exemption rule. This 25 year rule protects that the car is new and on in good condition when it arrives. Even though it is a rule, I still kind of worry his car deal won’t work out.

how to buy a r33 gtr