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The lake where I spent my summer time as a kid has now become an absolutely exclusive area, but when I saw an option to buy a piece of land out in that area, I jumped at the chance. However, the locale for sale was a ramshackle home on a half acre by the lakeside. With my level of skill being pretty low, I thought it would take myself and some others years to fix up. However, at this price I still could not pass it up. Even if I used the land only for camping and fishing, it would still be worth buying it. However, I realized after buying it that with minor work I could bring in a portable air conditioner unit and make myself one solitary room that was perfect. The rest of the home was lacking windows, patches of roof, plus more. However, I could patch up the largest room facing the lake, turn on a weather conditions control unit, and it might just be perfect. If I was not going to live there and just use it as a weekend retreat after that, all I actually needed was electricity plus HVAC during the evening and then the lake during the day. That summer I went fishing every single weekend, catching dozens of fish during the day plus then retreating to the half-wrecked home and my sweet little a/c. It was sort of like camping only I didn’t have to sleep on the ground. Plus I had a thermostat I could reach from my sleeping bag. The whole season long I got to sleep in cooling comfort every weekend.  

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