Glad we got radiant flooring

Me and my wife aren’t too picky, so we decided to have a simple wedding. Our families, however, couldn’t get over their excitement of planning for the big occasion & went a little overboard.  We tried to get them to tone it down, but there were a few things we allowed them to do. One thing we agreed on was that both of our families would pitch in to give us a night at a luxury suite in a fancy hotel the night after the wedding. The room was immaculate!  One entire side of the room was glass, with an immense balcony looking out towards the ocean. Everything was extra soft & cozy, from the towles to the rugs. We thought things just couldn’t get any better until we figured out the bathroom had radiant floors. We both tend to get cold feet, actual cold feet, not scared of getting married cold feet, so getting out of the shower at home was always a race to warmth. This night was a genuine night of luxury.  After a nice long bath in a big jacuzzi tub, we stepped out onto the radiant floors & took a moment to really appreciate how comfortable they were. It was the perfect temperature, to keep our feet nice and toasty, we couldn’t believe how awesome the room was. This night made us so grateful to have a family that forces us to try things we usually wouldn’t because it seems unnecessary or too expensive. The radiant floors became our best buddy for the night. Both of us sat & played card games on the bathroom floor for hours! Eventually we simply ended up falling asleep on the bathroom floor using the fluffy towels as pillows.  

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