Glad we have an air conditioner device

When I purchased my residence, I definitely knew it was a fixer upper. If it wasn’t in such exhausting condition to begin with, I really would not have been able to afford it! The structure itself was actually intact, the actual bones of the place, but every other aspect of the lake residence needed severe work. I bought the place anyway because it came on a piece of wooded land right next to the lake where I had spent my summer seasons as a boy which was priceless to me. It was worth owning, even if the lake residence never got fully restored, which I figured would take a few years or so. I was certainly right, it turns out, but now after 3 years of genuinely working on it time and again, I am to the point where I need to install a Heating, Ventilation & A/C machine. Up until now there were so many missing doors, busted windows, fault air ducts, and holes in the drywall that getting a cooling machine would have been essentially pointless. Now that the plumbing is operational, the electricity works, and the exterior of the lake residence is pretty much complete, it is time to introduce temperature control into the situation. After a number of years of hard work, the lake residence will finally be livable and temperature controlled. That is not to say that all the work is finished, the living room and study room definitely need more work. That work will be so much easier now that we are able to use the air conditioning machine. With temperature control conditions in the residence, it will still be perfectly comfy for me even if I have to use a sleeping bag on the floor.

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