Grape picker without a heater

When we were kids, if we wanted any spending cash, we had to work on the grape farm.  During the harvest season, there was no lack of work to be done, and we were the go-to for workers.  Grapes were generally harvested in the fall, and it was getting cold, which made it a really lousy job to do.  I sometimes felt like I would freeze out there, and then you got the cold sticky grape juice all over you. We mostly worked at night, because we had school during the day.  Night time was so much colder than in the day. Dad always used the picker that had the heating equipment, so we were left to pick by hand. My father could pick for hours, and enjoy the heating.  To him, it wasn’t too bad, but for us, the minutes felt like hours. On the weekend, we picked from morning till night, so we dressed for the warmth of the day, but by time we finished, it would be twenty degrees cooler.  My hands would be shaking and I would be covered in goosebumps. My mother didn’t want to hear about the cold and lack of heating. She said that we were young and we shouldn’t be bothered by not having the heating. I think that if she had to go without the heating in the picker, she would also be complaining.  She would also be giving up after ten minutes, but at least we could come inside when we were done, and there was always wonderful heating in the house.

heating device