Happy that I own radiant flooring

My father is a lifetime military officer.  We do a lot of traveling and we have been in many different states and countries.  I remember fantasizing about being in one place for the rest of my life, and what my home would be like.  I kept thinking about the different styles I liked about every place we had ever been. I knew what I didn’t like, and the things I liked, I would change so that I loved the idea.  One thing that I found in common with all of the different architectural styles, was the use of radiant heated flooring. It wasn’t until we were stationed in the far north, that I realized just how great radiant heated floors could be.  It was actually the first time we had the chance to experience radiant heated flooring, and I was shocked at how wonderful it felt. When winter truly set in, my parents turned up the thermostat, and we were all overjoyed. It didn’t matter if we were on the kitchen tiles, the linoleum, or on the carpeting, the were so deliciously warm that you couldn’t grumble.  There was always a perfect balance in the temperature, and mom didn’t need to dust as much. I was really young then, so I wasn’t privy to the cost of heating and air conditioning. I just knew that I would one day have radiant floor heating in my home. I opted to remain in north, when I got older, and when I got my home, I had radiant floor heating. There is nothing that can compare to getting up in the middle of floor and being greeted by warm floors in the bathroom.

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