He blasts the air conditioner

My partner is also my best buddy, plus these nights he is also my supplier co-owner. He chuckled at me when I started my apartment based supplier, but he’s not chuckling any longer! My sales rose by 1000% last year, so much so that I was required to hire someone to give me help. Who more ideal to help me out then my own partner, who I don’t have to declare as an employee for my supplier?  To his credit, he is full hog with working with meplus gives his all to our little supplier every afternoon, but that definitely doesn’t mean every one of us don’t have disagreements sometimes. The man insists on operating the a/c consistently, no matter how chilly it gets. Something about his inner body climate is out of balance. Even when he is sitting directly under an A/C vent, he still grumbled about being hot. I tried to work with his requirements plus dress toasty, but how crazy is it to grab a hooded sweatshirt while the air conditioner is blowing throughout the day? Finally, I figured every one of us each required our own office, because with the zone control function on our smart control device, every one of us can program odd rooms at odd climates! Now he can enjoy the full force of the cooling system, while I keep my office 10 or even twelve degrees toastier. He still grumbles about how toasty it is, but the A/C keeps him more relaxed than he used to be! For his birthday I guess I will buy him a portable A/C unit, so he can double up on his chilling power.

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