Home comfort and how it works

I am really starting to consider what the cost of setting up a home gym for myself, rather than going through all of the stress of leaving the house and attending an external workout space. I can’t seem to find one where I’m comfortable, anyways! I belong to a local gym in my area that is positively known for having a single of the best fitness programs around. I even used to see a single of the personal trainers, but I’ve gotten pretty confident and efficient on my own since then, so I mostly go alone whenever I have time to get there. They usually have the temperature set on the frigid side there, and honestly during the warm season especially. The air conditioning system seems to always be blasting when I walk in to get down to work. I am not a fan of air conditioning system to begin with, so immediately having that much of it hit myself and others in the face as soon as I work up the nerve to enter the building is a bit of a turn off. Despite that, I do still savor my time at the gym, but I’ve decided to only be a member there during the frigid months of the year. In the warm season I can do things outdoors from time to time to keep myself in shape and then spend the money for a regular membership in the Winter. The heating system isn’t particularly good in the gym, but at least it’s warmer inside than outside! Somehow I feel as though  it doesn’t suppose as physically jarring to go from the frigid outside to the warm inside as when the situation is reversed.I just can’t take it anymore.