hoping to repair my heating system

Being a “foodie,” going out and trying all sorts of different cuisines is a way of life for me. If I could spend the rest of my life trying out all sorts of different kinds of food, I will die a genuinely ¬†happy, and well fed, woman. I’ve been to enough restaurants to understand the importance of wearing an extra layer to keep warm. I do this because many restaurants keep their A/C on a really high setting to combat the body heat generating throughout the establishment. While I completely understand the need to do this, It’s important for me to be comfortable when I eat, and being too cold is frustrating. One of my favorite styles of cuisine Japanese Hibachi. This style of preparing foods requires a lot of heat and live fire, and due to this immense amount of heat, the air conditioning is cranked up really high in these places and you can feel the chill upon entering! You could convince yourself that you’ve walked into an overgrown deep freezer with some of these establishments. However, the A/C being on full blast is understandable. Typically there are many hibachi grills fired up at once, and that amount of heat in one area could become dangerous! One particular hibachi spot I visited was so overwhelmingly cold, I had to ask a waiter if I could be moved to a different spot, away from the air vent I was sat under. The A/C was blowing so cold, I legitimately had goosebumps from the moment I stepped in, to the moment I left. I tried my best to appreciate the meal, and it was great, however I really think this grill in particular went overboard with the air conditioning and it was uncomfortable.

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