HVAC job not that good

When I was sixteen I had had enough of my parents.  I’m not always the smartest of people, and I keep be reminded of that by my therapist, but I hated school and I hated my parents.  I really that that at sixteen, I was ready to be on my own, and do what I wanted to do. I was tired of sleeping in a cold bed every night, because the furnace didn’t work well, and you never knew if you were going to have enough heat to keep you from freezing, let alone to keep you warm.  I was getting upset with listening to my parents yell at me and at each other, at least twice a day. I was tired of living in a drafty old home without heating or air conditioning. When I saw an ad in the newspaper for new HVAC technicians, I thought that would be the end all of the problems in my home.  The problem was that I was only sixteen. I loved the idea of being heating, cooling and ventilation expert. I could be out of the house, making money, and I would have the best HVAC equipment in my own home. I didn’t count on them needing my birth certificate to prove my age. They ended up calling my parents and having them pick me up.  After talking to my therapist, the only reason I ran away to be a HVAC tech, was because I thought the chick in the HVAC technical school ads, was pretty cute.

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