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I belong to a local gym in my nearby area that is currently known for having a single of the best fitness programs around town. I used to see a single of the personal trainers, but I’ve since gotten pretty confident on my own since then, so I mostly go alone to work out whenever I have time. They usually have the indoor temperature set on the chilly side there, in addition to while we’re stuck in the Summer especially. The cooling system seems to constantly be full on blasting when I walk in. I am not a fan of cooling system that they employ to begin with, so having that much of it hit me smack in the face as soon as I enter the building is a bit of a turn off. Despite that unpleasant fact, I do still appreciate the gym, but I’ve decided to only be a gym member there while in the chilly weeks of the year. In the Summer I can do things outdoors to keep myself in excellent shape in addition to then spend the money for a membership in the long winter. The heating plan isn’t the most relaxing in the gym, but at least it’s warmer inside than outside every day! Somehow it doesn’t know quite as jarring to go from the chilly outside to the warm inside as whenever I find the situation is reversed. If they would just relax on the air conditioner while we were all in the warm weeks, I entirely  would go year round. It’s not my fault that I have a belly in the summer time.

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