I am worried about the problems

I purchased our house about 10 years ago, every one of us knew that it needed some renovations… Problem was, every one of us were young in addition to our work didn’t pay very much.  So every one of us knew that every one of us would have to do things a little at a time; Every one of us did our fair share to be able to move into the house. In addition to now, 10 years later, every one of us are still doing remodeling projects, however the kitchen in addition to family room have been completely refinished. However the a single thing I want done more than anything else is the lavatory.  Okay, it is a functional room but, it is not exactly what you would call a comfortable place to be. Every time someone takes a shower I have to leave the small fan going for at least an hour just to remove the moisture from the room, otherwise I am constantly battling mildew and mold that grows along the shower and baseboards. The main issue with the smaller room is that it definitely has no ventilation other than the small lavatory fan that was installed years ago. There are no windows in the room so I can’t even open those on a nice day to get fresh air into the room, but what I have asked our contractor to look into is installing many things, first a window so that every one of us can have natural light in addition to fresh air at the same time.  Secondly, as the room has an exterior wall I would love for him to install a mini-break Heating in addition to Air Conditioning component so that every one of us can control both climate in addition to moisture in the room as needed. I know that the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning component will be a wee bit pricey however every one of us are in better spot in life than every one of us was 10 years ago in addition to being undoubtedly able to afford the expense of it.

A/C unit