I can tell something went wrong

We have lived in the south our entire lives. We grew up together here, went to school together here, and even worked together as HVAC professionals for the last decade. Now, after all of that, I am finally moving somewhere new with my best friend. We both found jobs in our field up north that pay considerably more than what we make now. To boot, it has upper management opportunities that we can pursue together! I would just do it remotely if I could, since I don’t want to leave my family behind – but sometimes you gotta move on. I haven’t a clue what I’m in for on a grand scale, but I do know what some of the things will be and when to expect them. The people talk and act a bit differently ,so I will need to get used to that. Also, the weather is pretty much the opposite of down here, so that will be a thing for us to adapt to as well. I hope it doesn’t get too chilly too fast though, because I’ve seen those weather reports where terrible snow storms hit the area and leave them powerless for over a week. My buddy and I, we’re used to needing the cooling system running for a couple months of the year then nothing else. The notion of having to live with a gas furnace keeping myself and others moderate for half the year doesn’t sound too bad at all. I suppose it will be a little tough to adjust at first, but maybe this whole global warming thing will finally kick into gear and heat the planet up to a more desirable temperature. In any case, I am going to try to adapt to the chilly weather quickly – I don’t want to be so reliant on using a gas furnace to keep warm.

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