I can tell the furnace is filthy

We have lived in the south our entire lives. We grew up here, went to school here, and have worked here in our chosen professions for the last decade. All of that’s now in the past, since we’re finally moving to our dream destination! I found a job in my field up North that pays considerably more than I make now, plus it has upper management opportunities out the wazoo! Since I can’t perform the job duties from here, we must move up North. I have no real idea what I’m in for on a long-term scale, although I do feel I’m prepared for some of the things to expect. People talk a bit differently there, so I will need to get used to that. Also, the weather is pretty much the opposite of down here, so that will be a thing too. I hope it doesn’t get too cold too fast, because I’d love to watch the leaves change. I’ve seen weather reports throughout the years about bad storms with temps in the negative digits, which frankly sounds really awful. I am used to needing the a/c running for all but a couple weeks of the year, so having to live with a gas furnace on all the time doesn’t sound too awful. Perhaps it will not be as bad as I suppose it will be though. Maybe this whole global warming thing will finally kick into gear as well as heat the planet up to a more desirable temperature. In any case, I am going to try as well as adapt to the cold so I won’t be so reliant on using a oil furnace to keep warm.

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