I can’t settle down

Jack takes a lot of on the road trips. Jack works in marketing & has the opportunity to visit clients all over the world.  Jack grew up in the southern point, & never went more than a state away his whole childhood, so this job was a lifeline to him. It has really given him a good occasion to make up for lost time. Jack is able to see the world. Jack loved the different landscapes, water and climates too. Each time he takes a company trip, he tries to make a point of staying one more day, or at least a few moments, in order to explore all the odd sites he visits. Jacks trips range from a day or more than one to one time over a week, so sometimes he needs to have friends grab his mail & water his fruit trees.  Jack hates to think about all the energy gone when he’s not there, though. There’s no reason for paying higher heating & cooling bills if he’s not even located in the spot. But Jack doesn’t want to turn his furnace or air conditioner off at all, because then the whole house is too heated or chilled when he returns. An acquaintance told Jack about a smart control unit, one that will link to wireless device & can be remotely controlled by his tablet, phone or computer, & he called his local Heating, Ventilation, & A/C dealer immediately to have one put in his house. This way, while he’s not at home, he turns the furnace or AC down, but before he comes back, he’s able to turn the heating or cooling system back on.

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