I did what I had to

I feel like I have been school for my entire life! When I graduated from grad school, my fiance and I decided to take a big road trip!  With no specific or defined direction in mind, we hit the road and let the wind take us where we were meant to travel. It had been over three weeks of endless roads before we reached a stopping point.  Now, having spent multiple days in hotels and inns, we were ready to crash in the comfort of our own bed at home. It was one very last night on the road, when we took the next exit in site off the dark road. One motel looked very desolate and unapproachable. The other two were on the same side of the street standing more confident in appearance. While we stepped into the first motel, we knew it as a national chain. My biggest pet peeve was a vacancy sign out front, though later being informed at the front desk that they had no available rooms. The other hotel was a lesser known chain, while we were a little weary they had plenty of rooms available. Then we found out the main concern for their was no heat. The oil furnace had broken down earlier that evening, so they weren’t going to service the oil furnace until the morning since it is in such a rural area. All of the rooms were hooked to a central oil furnace, so it was all or nothing. The staff was delightful and very helpful offering extra blankets. At least now we knew why the other motel had been booked solid. I was exhausted, so there was no way I was driving one more mile. This hotel was clean and decent. They discounted our rate by 50% which was a nice savings at the end of a trip. They even provided us extra blankets for the night which were lovely. The room was cozy and quaint, more like an inn. And what a lovely bed, and so comfortable. Both of us managed to sleep like a rock, considering the outdoor temperatures were terribly chilly.