I do love this heater

I know it’s cliche, but you really should get your AC system checked out before you try to operate the thing for the first time. When I went to switch on our central cooling system more than one weeks ago for the very first time this year, tragedy struck, when our cooling system was not now working officially.  On this easily same day I had ironically gained a flyer in the mail for this current heating in addition to cooling company coming into town. They were advertise a special discount for brand new shoppers on any service. I am all for a great deal! So at that point, instead of calling our usual trustworth Heating in addition to Air Conditioning worker I decided to give it a shot and call this current company.  When the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning worker finally arrived at the apartment he was polite, but he also acted pretty clearly that this is the last place he wanted to be. He went straight towards inspecting our cooling system. When two hours had gone by in addition to he was still now working I thought this was probably a little odd but decided he must just be trying very hard to be thorough. Another half hour went by in addition to I decided this was taking too long at that point, so I went to go check on the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning worker out back, in addition to I found him standing next to our Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system casually talking on the cellphone in addition to it did not sound care to be that it was a task call, it was definitely a personal call. He even used the word “molly jane” so I think I know what he was up to. He didn’t even seem phased when I caught him talking at that point on the cellphone while he was supposed to be fixing our cooling system.  Know I know, never go with someone you don’t trust already when it comes to your Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system!

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