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If you ever want to stop caring for your gas furnace, change a light bulb, however there is nothing more frustrating than realizing all the heated air you are paying for is on your ceiling, however all of that heat rises due to the particles being lighter, a regular gas furnace, fireplace or boiler system just cannot fight science… You can turn on your best heater, crank it to the max temperature all you want. In the end, the place will be full of chilly spots and the ceiling will be nearling 90 degrees, and because I ended up just hating the plan of heating our ceiling and wasting money, I put investment in radiant flooring. Heated flooring is designed at a base to not leave any hot or chilly spots. This is because, instead of the gas furnace, it’s either electric mats or piping that’s filled with hot water. You are not fighting air particles anymore, because it is simple electric. The mats are right under the floorboards and spread evenly throughout. Hydronic heating is piping connected to a boiler that is within the floorboard, and with either heating option, you are getting evenly distributed heat, no chilly corners or hot pockets. Also, the radiant heat does not rise to your ceiling, it stays at the lower level; due to this, the gas furnace can be set lower than normal because you are getting all of it. The radiant heat also absorbs into any nearby objects as well. You are getting heated chairs, tables and couches as well as a nice and warm floor. It’s simply a way better way to live. Heated floors do not waste any energy and make use of all the effort for their heating function. They are the silent, deadly option in the heating world. Don’t even waste your time with a gas furnace.

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