I don’t mind a dress code

I love my brothers and sister, but sometimes they make some really strange decisions in their lives.  I’m sure they have really good reasoning when they makes those decisions, but most of the time, they fall short of their goals.  Like last month when my older brother told me that he wanted to go to HVAC school. He said that he had heard it on the radio and he was ready for a change.  I was worried about this, because he had worked as an electrician for a good long time now and he was making some really good money, plus he loved the work. I was afraid to say too much because I didn’t want to make him angry, but I was wondering if he wasn’t just having a momentary lapse, as my grandmother used to call it.  He told me that it was only an eighteen month program, and he was able to support himself for that long with the money he had been saving from his job. He said that it seemed like it would be a good move for him, and that it was a really stable profession to get into. I thought better of trying to talk him out of his decision, because he had some really sound reasons for his doing so.  Then he told me that he thought that a lot of single women called for HVAC techs. He was thinking that he would be the one to do all of the single ladies. Yet he is supposed to be the oldest and wisest of the siblings.

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