I installed a new heater

Don’t ask me or my friends why I made the decision to do something so wild, but last September I sold my apartment plus my car, then went off to live in the mountains just like that famous novelist once did, Thoreau. My favorite  aunt, Aunt Donna, left me her new log chalet in her will, which had no working plumbing or electricity whatsoever. After a while I came to the conclusion it would be a fantastic idea for me to get back to nature plus live off the grid. so I got rid of my TV, furniture, plus everything else current life offers. however i quickly figured out that I could live without knowing everything our friends ate for brunch via Instagram. However, life without any Heating, Ventilation & A/C was tough. September was scorching., Plus there was no air conditioner to cool myself off when I needed it most. I would go to the river to swim to get cool. It was cold of fun actually. But then, the Winter season came, and there was no oil furnace. No oil furnace, no portable heater, nothing! All I had available  to keep myself from not freezing was a fireplace. And let I promise you, a fireplace is not enough for a cabin that big. I suppose that people used be just fine back in the day, I suppose I am lame because I need our air conditioner plus a furnace. Going to the river was nice when I was missing my old air conditioner, but that serves no purpose when you are longing for a heater in the winter months. I used the fireplace plus layers and blankets. I was so blissful to see my old Heating, & A/C when I got home!

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