I know I need an education

I’ve discovered a new home heating feature, and, to my surprise, I’m hooked. I once considered it the folly of people with too much money. You know – things they don’t really need but can afford, like cooled and heated garages, and clothing for dogs. Me, I’m a basics person. Heat keeps me warm, AC keeps me cool. No freezing, no sweltering.

But then a new world appeared.

During a ski trip I visited a friend’s vacation home in the mountains, a beautiful structure with a peaked roof and a rustic charm. Recently built, it was constructed for its environment, with tight, insulated windows and a state of the art heating system. All afternoon on the mountain made me ready to peel off the ski gear and settle by the fire to warm my feet. Stepping from the hot shower to a bath mat I cringed, thinking in advance of the cold floor between me and my socks. I stepped quickly then stopped. What was this? My feet were warm, the rich, wood flooring caressing my chilly toes like slippers.

I had finally experienced heated floors.

I left my slippers behind as I skated socks-only across the hallway and into the great room. “What is going on here?” I shrieked.

My friend explained, smiling, that the heating system included the floors, weaving warmth all through the house. He pointed to the thermostat, indicating the room temperature was warmer than the setting.

“All the heat radiates throughout the house,” he said, “Starting with the floors.”

In a location where temperatures routinely hung below freezing, his heating system was more efficient and his energy bills less expensive than systems in temperate climates. I’m going to look into it, but I’m still not buying my dog a coat.

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