I know we need a repair

Me and my family have wanted to purchase a new place in the wilderness for a while! My family loves camping and doing things outdoors, so I knew that having something we could use for a camping getaway would be perfect for us. I looked at several places that had land. Some had a cabin or mobile home on them already, and some didn’t. Many of these places didn’t have central heating and cooling in them. For a while I thought my only option for a heat source was going to be a wood stove or fireplace! That was a bit too ancient for me. At last, my realtor showed me some land that had everything I was looking for. It had the space outside, as well as a nice updated cabin with an HVAC system, electric and everything! I put an offer in immediately. My realtor suggested I get someone to check out the place prior to closing in case there were issues. The property was technically a vacation home like we wanted, so the cabin wasn’t used year round. The inspector did find some problems with the heating and cooling system with some pests, but because of that, we were able to lower the sales price to cover all the additional expenses. It worked out great, I almost am tempted to say my family and I were meant to have this place! It didn’t take long to get an HVAC company to come in and do the repairs to everything we found during the inspection. Me and my family were able to enjoy the place and move in just 2 weeks after we closed on it!