I live in a very old house

My university is an disappointing site and college students are now on strike, however, I am not referring to about tasteless  cafeteria food, nor a terrible athletics program… Our problem is way worse than that. For the last few years, half of the university hasn’t had a well functioning heating system during the Winter season! It’s less than 50 degrees inside the classrooms during the day on that side of the university; Students can’t cope with it anymore. They have considered striking as striking is a social right, but the principal angrily told she’d call the police on us if we were going on strike… she said that we ought to respect authority better and the university would never allow strikes. It was a peaceful protest of course, and nobody didn’t do anything wrong. She said that she may fail all of us and not allow us to graduate if we’d strike again over the university heating system.. I think this is abject. I am contacting all of the local news agencies get this horrible blackmail public. I am seeking to hiring a lawyer or hopefully finding a lawyer who will work on behalf of the students at no costs, however my friend’s mother is a attorney and he said he will try to support the cause as soon as her schedule frees up. I’m so sick of freezing inside my university. We need a furnace in good condition. That can’t possibly be too much to expect from a university, but all the students are going to get sick if they have to endure such freezing classrooms every day of the week. We won’t let it go until we find a solution to this heating injustice.

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