I love a long run

I enjoy cats, plus I have several of them as friends.  The cats create a fantastic load of work, especially when it comes to making a pretty home.  I don’t want our apartment to stink due to a litter box. I don’t want to exist with fur all over our stuff & carpets.  Because of the seasons in our local area, I only hardly get to open the doors while taking advantage of the fresh air. For much of the year, the apartment is sealed up good to prevent energy leak.  I am constantly trusting in either the gas furnace or air conditioner, plus I worry for air quality. Although the heating & cooling systems actively skim the air, it’s not enough to handle the impact of many cats.  Plus, the hair & dander manages to get all over the system, accumulates there and causes all sorts of troubles. Any buildup of dirt within the inner workings obstructs airflow. If there’s such less heated/cooled air flowing from the vents, it takes the equipment that much longer plus more effort to attain temperature control settings.  This dumps additional strain on components, leading to more serious malfunction plus premature life. Longer running cycles also add up to greater electric consumption plus steeper energy bills. To deal with these issues, I’ve entered into a repair program with a professional Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C provider. A professional arrives to the apartment twice a year plus totally cleans while he adjusts the heating/cooling component .  He solves many of the potential concerns, removes any dangerous contaminants, plus makes necessary calibrations. This repair ensures consistent, efficient & reliable operation from the heater & A/C. I have now protected the unit plus the health of our apartment by installing a fancy air purifier.

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