I love the AC system

These people are going to be the death of me, I swear to you. I’m always bending over backwards to help these folks who don’t want to be helped. They just want to panic, to yell, and to demand amazing HVAC solutions from you. In return they want to beat the hell out of their new HVAC system, only to call back and yell again. I acquired a message on the business voice mail just earlier today from a potential patron informing us that his furnace is seemingly no longer working, & that he needs our help ASAP to get his either fixed or to find him a current one to replace the old one.  Occasionally it’s a judgement call. Both of us try our best take into account the age of the furnace to help determine just exactly how many more years of reliable operations you can expect to have with your heating unit, best case scenario, & how much it costs to operate your far older, used furnace. I went and returned the call to the furnace owner & explained tp him as best I could that a lot of the heating systems on the market today are far more secure and energy efficient than any model from prior decades, & most commercial heating systems generally perform less efficiently as they continue to age.  I would always recommend that if you prefer to fully avoid the Winter season furnace breakdown, I strongly urge you to just pick up the phone and have your furnace maintained once a year. My Heating & A/C business definitely can identify any potential complication with your heating & cooling system each year, which would allow us to typical the situation before the whole system breaks down. Then no one has to yell.

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