I love these air ducts

Last winter, I was out of work many days because of headaches, sore throat, sinus drainage, with flu-like symptoms.  I made multiple visits to my family doctor, spent a fortune on prescription medicine, and simply felt angry. A family member mentioned that my poor health might be the result of bad indoor air quality.  I did some research and was repulsed by the information that I found. According to the EPA, the air in my home is likely to be four times more contaminated than the outside air. Since, I work from home,  I spend nearly all my time indoors, especially in the winter, I was repeatedly exposed to these harmful contaminants. Since I was unaware of the dangers of poor indoor air quality, I had never bothered with professional repair for my gas oil furnace.  Although the oil furnace was more than 8 years old, I’d never had to deal with any type of heating concerns and saw no reason to sink any money into the system. After reading about the how dust, bacteria invade my breathing air, every time the furnace started up, I immediately scheduled repair from a local HVAC contractor.  The serviceman found a scary amount of buildup of debris within the inner workings of the old heating system. He wisely advocated that I invest in a ventilation system to improve indoor the overall air quality of my home. He explained that while my home was tightly sealed and protected me from energy waste, it was also trapping unhealthy pollutants inside.  A properly installed ventilation system would bring in fresh outdoor air, and genuinely reduces energy use. The ventilator uses the stale, outgoing air to preheat the incoming air, lessening the overall workload of the oil furnace. Since installing the new ventilator, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my daily health, weekly energy bills and my overall level of comfort.   It was a justifiable investment easily.