I miss the farm

Graduation is a big deal. More and more students are not making it to or through college. So, when my son works his hardest to make it into college; and then goes the extra mile to receive scholarships for said education, I am going to celebrate. His graduation was on a sweltering hot day. They held it in the gym, where the most people could be accommodated. It started on time and everything was off to a great start. About fifteen minutes in, I noticed that it was getting really unusually warm. I knew there was air conditioning, but at that moment I was not feeling it. I was getting a bit worried, for all of those students in cap and gown were going to be drowning in their own sweat. The ceiling fans started to kick on, but they were not doing much other than to blow around the hot air. Before the valedictorian got up to speak, the head of the college made an announcement that the air conditioning had malfunctioned. They were doing their best to fix the problem, but would continue with the ceremony. As the ceremony went on, it was only getting hotter and hotter. I saw two HVAC technicians running around frantically. Slowly, people started to get up and leave. I couldn’t believe it. These students had worked so hard for their degree, and it was going to be ruined due to air conditioning? They really should have been on top of their HVAC system. This was not right. I was very upset for my son, but I stayed for him.

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