I need new filters

Have you ever considered taking a road trip for a honeymoon? It has always been a dream of mine to just drive to unknown places.  My new wife didn’t have any direction in mind, and the decision was to just opt to go where the wind took us that month. I couldn’t believe all of the travelling we did over the midwest for more than four weeks. But, after that long without our own bed, my time of fun was coming to an end and we wanted to go start our life together. Both of us so many nights in hotels and inns that we lost count easily. No we were ready and just dreaming of spending the night in our bed at home. On the final leg of this planned honeymoon trip, we had one more night to stop overnight to rest before reaching home. I pulled off the interstate at the next site of motels, and saw multiple places at the exit. One motel looked terribly dark and desolate to even consider. The other multiple places that were on the same side of the street seemed to all be filled up. After an attempt at the first motel, which was one of the national chains, we were striking out. Though they had a vacancy sign out front, the owner said that there were no available rooms for that night. The other hotel was a lesser known chain, and I didn’t even recognize the name to be clear. Though, they had plenty of rooms available from the parking lot’s view.. The problem was no heat, which we saw from a sign on the door. The gas furnace had broken down earlier that evening for the motel, and the manager said he couldn’t  get any maintenance to the gas furnace until the morning hours. All of the rooms were hooked to a central gas furnace, apparently, so they were stuck. I couldn’t help but notice that the staff was honestly friendly and they gave us extra blankets to be warm. I immediately realized why the other motel had been booked solid, for no one wanted a challenge. There was no way I was driving another mile in my worn out state of mind. This locale was clean for me and the staff was helpful with the mishap. They discounted our rate by 50%, and gave us extra blankets for the night, which I thought was a great deal. The room was cozy and quaint, and our bed was comfortable and clean. Both of us managed to sleep fairly well, considering the outdoor hot and cold temperatures were around chilly.