I really don’t care what happens

I don’t know how people stick to one solid workout routine and don’t waver for years on end. I can’t seem to find the consistency that I need to be happy with my workouts, and there are a lot of factors that make it a challenge. I belong to a local gym in my area that is known for having a single of the most affordable and best fitness programs around. I used to see a single of the personal trainers for many years, but I’ve gotten pretty confident on my own since then, so I mostly go and train alone whenever I have time. They usually have the temperature set on the immensely cold side there, and while I was in the warm season especially. The entire air conditioning seems to regularly be blasting on level 11 when I walk in. I am not a fan of air conditioning to begin with, even at home, so having that much of it hit me in the face as soon as I first get there and enter the building is a bit of a turn off. Despite that, I do still appreciate the feel of the gym, but I’ve decided to only be a member there while I was in the most cold weeks. In the warm season I can do things right outdoors to keep myself in shape and then spend the money for a stupid membership in the Winter season. I mean, the heating plan isn’t great in the gym, but at least it’s warmer on the inside than outside! If they would just relax their hold on the air conditioning while I was in the moderate weeks, I swear I would entirely go year round.

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