I think I could get hired in HVAC

I hate going through the whole process of putting in applications.  I have been doing this online for weeks now. It seems everyone wants you to set up an account and give them all of your information.  Then when you get to the application, you put all of the information into the application, a second time, before you even get to any of the nitty gritty that goes into the application.  I don’t know who came up with application process, but they must be nuts. I’ve had it with giving everyone all of my personal information, and then you don’t even get a courtesy e-mail that tells you if they have looked at your information, or even interested.  It is just a short blurb to say that your application has been received. I’ve decided I am going to fill out one more application, and that is going to be to a HVAC company. I know more about HVAC than most people. I’ve never had any formal training, but having the working knowledge about heating, cooling and ventilation system, should mean something to people.  I’m willing to get certified if they insist, but they should pay for it. I have always worked on my own furnace and air conditioning systems. I’ve got hosed by some of those HVAC companies who charge you an arm and a leg because they were only ones available. That is when I started to figure out the way the HVAC unit works, and how to fix it properly. Now, I want to be the one who is doing the hosing.

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