I try to avoid these things

I task from my dwelling and it allows for a really adaptable lifestyle. I totally love to be able to move around the dwelling as I’m working from my computer. Sometimes I will be working downstairs and other times I will be working upstairs. This essentially allows me to get a variation and experience different temperatures as I work. I don’t love to stay in a single place in the home for too long or for too many days in a row! However this also has its own set of problems, even though I rarely ever change the temperature on the temperature control appliance. The temperature in the room that I’m currently working varies a lot. When I’m downstairs it’s so much cooler and when I’m upstairs it’s so much warmer! So because of this I will soon be installing zone climate control in the dwelling. This will allow me to independently modify the uneven temperatures for each room which will allow me to remain cool or hot no matter where I’m at in the dwelling. Also I can have the heating and air conditioner avoid working to heat or cool the entire dwelling and just the room that I’m currently working.

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