I waited for the longest time

When it was finally Springtime, our Grandmother told myself and others that the birds would be coming home! I knew that was her way of saying that Springtime was here and I knew it was one of her favorite seasons, because she always loved to garden and she couldn’t wait to start up all her plants and flowers. Another thing I loved about this season was the fact that we didn’t have to rely on the heating method any longer and we could open up the windows and air out the house! It was legitimately a perfect time of the year as it wasn’t tepid or too cold; It was perfect just having the windows open and letting that cool breeze flow through the house. I loved just sitting on the patio with our Grandmother as well just talking and enjoying the nice weather. It was constantly around this time of year when I would make sure to have our cooling system checked out by our local HVAC company. I knew that the perfect weather wouldn’t last forever, and soon we would have to rely on our cooling system throughout the Summer months. I honestly don’t mind the Summer season, however I think that we need to be well prepared for it. I would hate to try to go through the blazing tepid days without a functioning cooling system. I think I would legitimately collapse from a heat stroke! I think that this year, I will have our HVAC duct cleaned out too so we can have amazing air quality inside the house. I was also thinking about getting an UV air purifier to help out with allergies.

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