I want to stay in the house

Getting old isn’t for the frail. How frequently have we heard people say that senseless joke? All things considered, when I was youthful, I simply didn’t know how obvious that statement truly is. Since I am unmistakably into middle age and being tormented with issues that I have never been compelled to confront, I realize that getting aged is definitely not for the weak of body or frail of spirit. I presently have joint inflammation in my knees, hips, and back. Oh my goodness, nothing is fun when you have arthritis. It doesn’t help that if I’m hurting at all, I get miserable. I used to dream of having room schedule-wise to be running outside and play golf or climb in the forested areas or go to open air celebration. Nowadays, I would rather just stay home in the a/c. Reading in front of the a/c vent on a hot southern Sunday evening is superior to doing anything outside without any cooling. A few companies attempt to run their business without utilizing the a/c. For instance, where I used to have my nails done. I figure they are trying to save cash by killing the a/c and opening the front door, but when there isn’t a/c, there isn’t any me. Need to go sit by the river and have a cookout? Not this time, I favor lunch in a cooled restaurant with tablecloths. Need to stroll through the recreation center? No way, allows simply go in the places at the beach and play cards while we soak in the city’s a/c. Between the torment of joint inflammation and the more than fifty hot flashes, I just plain need to stay inside and do anything that includes the air conditioner.