I wonder if I’m making the right choice

I am getting ready for our annual trip down south, to visit with our kid and his family.  I dread the drive, but I typically have so much with them. My kid and I have an unofficial relationship in that we more friends than father and son.  Both of us have become equals over the years, and our friendship is extremely special to me. I also love that he has this great a/c in his house. It gets nearly as warm up north, in the summer season, as it does in the south.  My wife and I have our window a/c units, and they do a great job. My son’s house has a whole house a/c though. Earlier this year, he called because they had a complication with their outside AC unit, and they needed some information on how to repair it.  My wife and I live almost a thousand miles away, and he still calls his Mom for advice. It’s funny because she likes it when he calls. She says she feels happy she is still useful to him. She doesn’t go on our trips with me, because she can’t travel anymore, so his asking her opinion or her advice is a huge deal.  The last time he called, she wanted to call a friend and have them supply his a modern a/c unit. When I told him, he said the AC was not that old, it was just that he needed her help to walk him through the process. He will always be our little boy that we wants to take care of.

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