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Because I have several small children, working a task outside the home is not an option.  One of the youngsters typically needs something, plus I appreciate to be available to them.  I came up with the idea of running a pet grooming supplier from my home. I figured that the startup equipment wouldn’t be a sizable investment, plus I could set my own hours.  I would still be accessible for the youngsters. My husband helped myself and others convert our laundry room into a suitable task area. Buying the industrial sized sink, clippers, dryers plus all of the necessary equipment was far more extravagant than I hoped.  We learned, the laundry room wasn’t included in the home’s central heating plus cooling system. We’d typically managed temperature control with a portable air conditioning plus a couple of area heaters. Since I was spending long hours working, I needed something more sophisticated.  It didn’t take long to realize that I also needed a heating/cooling method to help stop the odor of wet pet. The odor seeped into the rest of the apartment so the smell was awful. I ended up consulting with an Heating plus A/C dealer who told my team that we needed a commercial heating/cooling system.  He quoted myself and others a ridiculous price that I was unwilling to pay. If I spent that much on a oil furnace plus air conditioning, I’d never reuse the investment. I finally went online, did some research and thankfully came up with method to install a ductless heat pump. I asked around and found a reputable Heating plus A/C dealer who quoted my team a reasonable price for purchase plus installation.