I’m a bit unhappy

When Grad School graduation finally came, we decided to celebrate with a road trip! We didn’t want any sort of plan. We loved the idea of hitting the road and just driving!  The midwest was our focus and we didn’t miss a single place. Once you have slept in as many hotels as we had, you start to yearn for your own bed. By the final leg of the trip, we had one last overnight to rest. We took the next exit off of the interstate, to which we only found older motels on the strip. One of them looked entirely darkened, as if no one was there to stay. Then we saw a few more on the same side of the street to check out. I knew the first motel as a national chain, but it looked full. Sure enough, they forgot to turn off the vacancy sign out front, when we were informed that they had no available beds. The other hotel was a lesser known motel that left us weary, but they did have plenty of rooms available. We found out why once we went inside. They were having a problem with no heat in the rooms. Their furnace had crashed down just a few hours prior that evening, and they weren’t going to be able to repair the furnace until the morning hours. All of the rooms were linked to this central furnace, so there was no room with heat at that point. The staff was very upbeat and kind offering us extra blankets to better our stay. We were both so exhausted to try and find another hotel at this point in the late hour. This locale was clean at least, the staff was being really great, too. I was grateful for the discounted rate of 50% off our room. They even had extra blankets for us to stay warm. The room was not nearly as bad as we thought it would be. In fact it was very charming and quaint, with our bed being super comfortable. We managed to sleep so well that we didn’t even hear our alarm clock. With  the outdoor temperatures quite chilly, we ate a hot breakfast before we hit the road.

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