I’m done perspiring

I tend to travel a lot for my work. I usually spend my evenings driving from one location to a new one. My task is hiring new people for the branch. So, my task title is resource supervisor. Really, I just spend my time attempting to make everyone else’s task a little nicer. A week ago, I was sent to our offices on the other side of the states. All of us have several main offices, one that is the west branch and one that is the east branch. The west coast branch was in need of a new human resources dealer, and I was in charge of hiring interviews. The boss sent me over there for several days. Luckily, my hotel was nearby to the office. I had ten scheduled things set for the first week, and fifteen set for the next week. Before I left to go to the home, I had to choose a new supervisor for the western area branch. A few nights after I came there, I had another concern to address. The indoor air quality in the western area branch was really poor. The Heating and Air Conditioning equipment did not seem to be handling the indoor air quality. While I was in the workplace, I decided to call the city Heating and Air Conditioning provider. If I was upset with the air quality, I had no doubt the workers were also concerned. The Heating and Air Conditioning provider looked over our system and made the choice that we had a few concern areas in our ductwork.