I’m fine with the simpler things

I was happy beyond belief a few days when I found a training class to become an Heating plus Air Conditioning worker.  The whole entire course was only thirty numerous weeks to finish in addition to I would be fully certified to fully task for any number of companies. My parents had been after me for many years to find some sort of direction in our life anyway so I figured that of course this would be perfect. I worked hard during school in addition to finally completed the course at the top of the group.  This opened various doors right away for me in addition to I had more than two task offers within a week. At that point, I guess I thought the task would be more glamorous of sorts. I really never pictured myself in some of the situations I face each day on a yearly basis. Crawling through small spaces trapped under houses, maneuvering through attics crowded with old flammable boxes in addition to removing dead vermin are really the norm. When I do have a call that simply seems like it involves a filter change or pressure test of the system, I find that I am somewhat relieved.  I remember a single time going into a disgusting basement to test a gas boiler in addition to at the point when I saw the condition of things I truly called our normal boss to decline the repair. When he asked me why, I spared no words when I told him that it was so disgusting near the boiler that I felt it was a safety issue. Today, I still have a job.

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