I’m hoping the temperature stays the same

This is the second summer that I am going down south to stay with our brother. My brother just bought an old lake house and wants me to spend as many weeks with him as I would like.  I am pumped to spend the time in the warm sunshine as well as have time to go to the beach! The only disadvantage is that my brother’s lake house is a real fixer upper, he is allowing me to stay for so long because he will earn his money back in labor. His wife recently told me that their home does not have a central air conditioner yet.  Because he is a cheap person, he is not having an air conditioner professional install the A/C system, he is waiting for me to arrive for the summer, so that we can tackle the cooling replacement together. I checked, and the weather is supposed to be in the low 90s when I arrive! Not having any A/C is going to be rough, doing manual labor with no air conditioner will be a nightmare, and also the replacement of central air does not look to be a simple job. My brother and I will need to demolition his walls and ceilings. Secondly, the two of us need to fit in the eight inch wide metal ductwork. The ductwork needs to extend through the whole lake house as well as have open spots for air vents. The final step is hooking the ductwork to the air conditioner device. I can’t forget the setting up of the temperature control. I don’t think my brother and I have these skills.   But I am willing to try for a free place to stay for a couple of weeks during the summer. I guess the heat will be the motivation that will make us work harder as well as faster.

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