I’m social

I recently found out that my brother took a job with a HVAC company for all of the wrong reasons.  When he first told me that he wanted to quit his job of ten years and go to HVAC school, I questioned his decision.  He was doing a great job and making good money and I hated to see him give up a job that he liked. I tried to convince him to think about his decision a bit more, but he was adamant that this was a good change for him.  He had the money to go to school for the eighteen months, and he had enough in his savings to sustain him until he found a job. I couldn’t argue with his logic, but I was worried about him. He seemed to really enjoy learning about heating, ventilation and air conditioning.  He talked about the job security of the job and how it was a necessity for most people. Every time we talked, he raved about what a smart decision he had made. I was there when he graduated with honors and he had his HVAC certification and licensing. He was offered a job with one of the top companies in the city, and he gladly accepted it.  That night he celebrated with the family, and I overheard him tell my father, that now he was ready to bring on the single ladies that needed his HVAC service. I couldn’t believe that he had thrown away everything he had worked for in the other job, because he thought he was going to meet a lot of single ladies who needed HVAC servicing.

four winds