I’m struggling to handle this

My next door acquaintance is a little off his rocker. He is a absolutely nice guy, however he actually believes his parents are still living, when they are in fact dead. I don’t mean to be insensitive, however he believes his parents were reincarnated into cats… These stray cats came to his apartment one day after his parents had passed, and so he believed the cats were his parents who came back to live with him and watch over his life! While I do guess that is a touching story, it’s clearly not reality. I never say anything about it though, I do my very best to remain respectful of his beliefs. It was a little odd the other day when I went to his apartment to borrow a steamer though. I commented how his air quality in his unit was incredibly nice. He explained that he just had his heating and cooling equipment replaced. He told myself and my roommate that his mom told him to get radiant radiant floors along with a nice whole-apartment air purifier. He said that his mom was telling him that it is the best heating plan to have, and that he would absolutely love the whole-apartment air purifier. I told him, that his mother was clearly a bright lady. He looked at the cat as well and said, “Yes you are Mom!” That was a bit awkward for myself and others when he started talking to the cat as though the cat was without a doubt his mother. Then another cat came into the room. I said, “So, is that your father?” He said, “Yes! How did you know?” He then proceeded to talk to that cat as thought it was his father. I was done, I told him we had to steam our carpets and would clean and return the steamer when we were done.

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