I’m very intrigued

When my wife and I got married, we decided to take a long road trip for our honeymoon. We didn’t have any direction in mind, and we went where the wind took us. We traveled all over the midwest for a month, before we finally had seen every destination on our list. We spent many nights in hotels and inns, and we were ready to spend the night in our bed at home. On our final leg of the trip, we stopped overnight to rest. We pulled off the interstate, and saw three motels in the area. One motel looked really dark and desolate. The other two were on the same side of the street. We tried the first motel, which was one of the national chains. Though they had a vacancy sign out front, we were informed that they had no available rooms. The other hotel was a lesser known chain, and they had plenty of rooms available. The problem was no heat. The furnace had broken down earlier that evening, and they weren’t going to fix the furnace until the morning. All of the rooms were hooked to a central furnace. The staff was very friendly and they offered us extra blankets. I immediately realized why the other motel had been booked solid. There was no way I was driving another mile. This place was clean and the staff was helpful. They discounted our rate by 50%, and gave us extra blankets for the night. The room was cozy and quaint, and our bed was comfortable. We managed to sleep well enough, considering the outdoor temperatures were around freezing.