I’m worried about the air quality

After we completed the master bathroom remodeling project, my fiancé and I sat down to take a deep breath.  We looked around the family room, knowing that this was going to be another major project. He laughed and told me that we were getting too old for this.  We needed to add a ventilation system into the master bathroom, which involved putting an exhaust fan, plus an exhaust escape, through the roof. We planned on putting in radiant heating, so we took out the flooring. Much to our surprise, the floorboards were rotted.  With tiles placed over rotted floorboards, it’s a miracle that no one fell through the floor. The radiant heating addition was a breeze compared to the installation of the ventilation system and replacing the ceiling. We ended up having to buy a new vanity for the master bathroom, because the wiring was such a mess that we wondered why our home hadn’t burned to the ground.  We love the master bathroom now, and it looks gorgeous. Now we can turn on the exhaust fan without hurting our ears from the noise. We are happy with the air circulating from the ventilation system, and we barely hear the fan. We ended up putting a new ceiling in the basement, because the floorboards allowed moisture to get into the ceiling and mold grew all over. I had to laugh. I told him that it may have been cheaper to just let the faulty wiring in the master bathroom burn down the home and build a new one.  The master bathroom costs were so much higher than we planned for the entire project. Well, on the bright side, we got our radiant heating in the floors.

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