Is our home safe?

I have been a homeowner for a long while and I have a lot of experience in dwelling service and upkeep. You might say I’m one of those do-it-yourself kind of guys. I totally just love getting in there and getting my hands dirty… In my mind, it’s the only real way to learn a job or process. I used to take care of inspections for dwellings so I had to know a great deal about everything that goes into making a dwelling safe for its tenants. You have to take a hard look at the foundation, the beams holding the dwelling up, the pipes, furnace, A/C appliance, roof, and a bunch of other stuff. One other thing inspectors do that’s easily worth mentioning is testing for radon gas. Radon gas is entirely odorless, not visible, and a radioactive gas that is known to cause lung cancer when you are exposed for long periods of time. It seeps into your dwelling through cracks and holes in the foundation and spreads out from there. It legitimately can be an inconvenience and potentially harmful if not taken care of in time. I’ve come across quite a few homes that needed to hire a radon removal supplier to service their issue. It’s certainly a simple process and can be taken care of by sealing up apertures in the foundation and installing a simple ventilation system to push the gas harmlessly into the atmosphere. There are radon testing kits widely available in any hardware store and they are especially cheap. There legitimately is no reason for not testing your basement for radon gas. It could actually save your life.