It’s cooler in our house

I grew up, went to college, and have worked here in the South for the last decade and a half. After all of that, I am making the decision to move somewhere new. It started when my company offered a severance package to me after reorganization in my department occurred. Fortunately, I found a job in my field up North that pays a good bit more than I made then, and it has many more opportunities! Unfortunately, I couldn’t perform my duties from here – otherwise I would just do it remotely, but that’s part of the reason for severance. I have no idea what I’m in for when I head that way, but I have an idea of what I can expect. People conduct themselves a bit different up there, so I will need to get used to the absence of southern hospitality. Besides, the weather is pretty much the opposite of down here, and that will be awesome! I hope it doesn’t get too cold too fast, but I wouldn’t mind if it did! I’ve seen those weather reports throughout the years about terrible snow storms with temperatures in the single digits, but I’m ready for the change. After being accustomed to the A/C running without pause for a couple months of the year, the idea of having to live with a gas furnace keeping me warm for half the year doesn’t sound half bad. I shouldn’t be too excited though – maybe this whole global warming thing will finally kick into gear and heat the planet up to a more desirable temperature. Regardless, I am going to try and adapt to the cold so I won’t be so dependent on using a gas furnace to keep warm.

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