Looking through the pipes

As you probably know, food is a kind of a big deal! In my family, food is especially important around the holidays. And I’m not talking just Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I mean all of the holidays. Now that it’s summertime, we have a few summer holidays coming up and my family always hosts big get togethers and cookouts for lots of our family and friends. One of the things in my house that gets a huge workout during these parties is the dishwasher in our kitchen. We’ve had the same dishwasher since we moved into our house about ten years ago, so it’s kind of getting to the point where we are having some problems with it lately. And at parties, our dishwasher has to do double and even triple duty! We end up with so many dirty plates and glasses and silverware that our dishwasher seems to be running constantly. We do try to prevent our old dishwasher from breaking down by keeping it clean and also by loading it in the proper way. We found out that overloading it is a bad idea – and we learned it the hard way. We actually overloaded the dishwasher after a big Easter dinner once and the water went in places that it shouldn’t. It filled up the bottom of the dishwasher tank and caused a bunch of water to leak out through the door. We called our local plumber and he explained that overloading dishwashers is a common plumbing problem that his plumbing company sees. He said that you’re a lot better off – and you end up with cleaner dishes – if you would just divide up the dishes in a large load into two separate loads.

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