Melting the snow

The master bathroom in Scott’s lake house was severely outdated, not to mention unappealing.  There were water stains on his tub, chipped floor tiles, as well as many problems with correct drainage.  The fixtures for his sink as well as shower were terribly corroded, and the lighting was insufficient as was the storage.  Since bathroom renovation is a major expense, it took Scott awhile to save enough currency to tackle the project. He was so eager to get started, he accepted the low estimate from the first plumbing contractor he consulted with.  This was a large mistake. He should have taken the time to check the plumber’s references. He was able to deliver such a low estimate because of the low quality materials as well as his extremely shoddy workmanship. Although the finished master bathroom was lovely, it didn’t stay that way for too long.  The ceramic tiles literally fell off the shower walls. The shower doors were strenuous to open or close, and they really leaked. The plumber did not deal well with the drains, despite Scott’s insistence that this was the main priority. The faucet dripped as well as the toilet ran excessively. Unfortunately, Scott  had very little recourse. After complaining as well as threatening to report the plumber to the Better Business Bureau, he offered Scott a refund on some of the investment. He was still left with a big disaster in the master bathroom. He took his time, did a ton of research, and finally found a reputable local plumber to deal with the leftover mess.  The new plumber was forced to start from the beginning, gut the bathroom, as well as retrofit water pipes and even the drains. Although the master bathroom remodel ended up costing Scott almost twice as much as he originally planned, his bathroom eventually turned out perfect.

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