Money in the box

I would sometimes like to divorce my family. They are a strenuous lot of people, plus I can’t rest the extra stress that they send into my life every day. As a young child, I believe I was gleefully unaware of what pests they are. However, as adulthood approached, I began to come to the conclusion that this is not how other families act. They seem to certainly like plus respect each other, plus I have no comprehension of what a respectful family is all about. My family is consistently arguing with one another, complaining that no one is a good clan member plus always demanding something. As an example, just recently, my mom asked me to teach her how laptops and phone apps work. Well, that’s a pretty long technical lesson just so mom can adjust her heating and cooling thermostat. You see, my rather elderly mom got it in her head that she easily needed an replaced gas furnace plus smart control unit as well. There was nothing broken on her furnace, but her neighbors got radiant heated floors so clearly she needed to get heated floors too. Similarly, her outdated control unit operated perfectly plus she even knew how to turn on and off and up and down the temperature control system, but one of the church ladies just had her furnace and old-fashioned thermostat replaced with a smart apartment control unit, so that made mom want it, too. The only trouble is, she has no system how iPhones, tablets, or even PCs work, much less how to download an app. She has no clue how to change her smart control unit or change the temperature of the indoor air. Instead of making a concerted effort to understand, she’s decided I will be her personal temperature slave. Now she telephones me every few hours to make all her temperature concerns come true from our own iPhone.

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