My friends and I

A lot of students have been graduating over the past couple of weeks, and that means a lot of parents and faculty and students gathered in one area. Both of my daughters were graduating from high school this week, and every one of my friends and I were absolutely sure to save multiple seats for our entire family. Every one of my friends and family wanted to see our daughters walk down the graduation path. We were absolutely prepared with our camera and other photographic material, and every one of my friends and I arrived a few minutes early. We wanted to be able to take plenty of pictures of the area, and cheer on our daughters if we saw them early. When everyone of us arrive to the venue, the cooling component had absolutely been exhausted. Multiple people had already complained about the cooling component, and it was clear that they had contacted cooling repair agency. There were two furnace and cooling component trucks part right outside of the gymnasium doors, and they seem to have the cooling component torn completely apart. With only a few hours left until the graduation ceremony was to begin, everyone of my friends and I hoped they would be able to absolutely fix the cooling component before anyone made their way into the entrance hall. I was really worried for all of the students, because they were dressed in Long robes and suits. Every one of my friends and I patiently waited for the furnace and cooling component to be properly repaired.